Cosy Aromas Celestial
Cosy Aromas Celestial

We had read lots of good things about Cosy Aroma and looked forward to receiving our box. It arrived quickly and was well packaged.

Three of the fragrances we tried :

Celestial : A fragrance that many have said in reviews smells like Alien perfume by Muglar, this is a fragrance that a lot of other companies do. It melted really quickly and does smell like Alien perfume, but it just didn’t last very long once melted – on the second tea light it faded in to no fragrance throw at all.

Ice Fairy : Having recently used the same fragrance from Classic Candle, we had high hopes for this, it is the same fantastic Lush Snow Fairy fragrance and it filled the room with the fresh bubblegum and candy floss scent we all know and love. Lasted longer than Celestial, we can highly recommend this.

Down by the Coast : This is a lovely masculine fragrance, what I would call a nice bathroom fragrance. Relaxing and masculine, again it lasted well and the description of a fresh scebt of teh breeze rolling off the waves is very easy to imagine when it is melting.

Comments and other information :

  • Dark colours can stain burners if they have crackly glaze.
  • 100+ fragrances to choose from
  • Prices from £3.49
  • Larger wax Melts and candles in glass jars in most fragrances when you find a favourite
  • Some of the colours are very bright, which is ok until you spill it !
  • Not all of the fragrances we have tested were as strong as each other, but they do smell like they are supposed to and were enjoyable

All things considered, a great product with some serious customer service issues in house. They have lots of Youtube videos which do not always show the business in the best light. Quick delivery service and so much choice of wax melts and other products. Worth trying, you won’t be disappointed, as long as you love your order and nothing goes wrong. Cosy Aroma is a mid sized company that does need to be careful how they speak to customers if they do not agree with them on Trust Pilot or their Facebook page. There are quite a few comments about being banned from their Facebook group if you criticise them and they appear to have many loyal customer that will attack you if you say something negative.

This is our review conclusion after reading multiple reviews online and our own experiences.

Reviews from Trust Pilot :

We have chosen a few reviews from both the best and worst that represent a number of similar reviews to keep this fair – always check a companies online reviews, on their website and independent sources – do not go just on the ‘big’ numbers of reviews and always look at the negative reviews – this is often the way to find out how a company will treat you when things go wrong, and how you will be treated!

Easy to order

Easy to order, well far too easy lol, excellent service, wonderful products

Love them going to order more ,didn’t take long to arrive

I love them the smell is beautiful. everybody asks what the smell is

Rose Wax Melts

It was easy to order as Im not experienced with on line shopping. I ordered the Rose Wax Melts and Im so pleased with them as they really do give off a lovely smell unlike expensive candles which I have now stopped buying.

I was with cosy for nearly 2 years as…

I was with cosy for nearly 2 years as VIP, recently they have changed the wax and packaging and its not as good, the scent is weaker and stacking them is impossible they just fall over, I tried to cancel my VIP, my message was seen and ignored, I then messaged again, ignored, I emailed them, ignored again, I was really needing to cancel that VIP from coming out on 1st January as I had money problems, I then contacted them again to which Paul replied very arrogantly “you know were closed right now, you’ve seen the messages right?” well yes I did see the automated response Paul but like I said I was desperately wanting to talk to someone to cancel the payment, which was too late by the way so thanks for that! anyway they cancelled it eventually and removed me from the group lol, so although I now buy my wax elsewhere so not too bothered, but this company is childish, paul is arrogant when you have a problem, they have their groupies who jump on you if you dare say anything, and I read another review about paying multiple postage and then they send it together, that happened to me once, so it does happen, also they do body products and charge lush prices, they are not worth it, no doubt he’ll be on here with his reply in his usual arrogant way but if you want my advice, buy from elsewhere.

I had I truly awful experience with…

I had I truly awful experience with cosy Aromas . I ordered wax melts and when they arrived the lid was missing from one and the wax wax all broken and had large pieces missing out of it . I took pictures and contacted the company and was so dissatisfied at the reply. They told me the lid would be there and it would still smell . I double and triple checked but the lid was definitely not there and I had actually bought them for my friend for her birthday but due to the damage I could not give her them now. The company just dismissed me and were not prepared to replace or refund the damage goods.The kept saying the lid was there. I am not a liar and advised the lid is definitely not there. They said they would give me some points but I advised if this is how they treat customers I would not buy from them ever again . I have never been made to feel so bad in all my life .