Cosy Aromas CelestialCosy Aromas Celestial

Cosy Aromas was created by husband and wife Paul and Tamar Mayne in 2018, they’ve come a long way since they started in their kitchen in March 2018.

Cosy Aromas offers a wide range of wax melt, candle, body and fragrance oils in various scents and designs, making it easy for customers to find something that they like. The brand uses soy wax ingredients and carefully crafted fragrances to create their products, ensuring that each wax melt delivers a long-lasting and pleasant aroma.

The packaging is all made from recycled materials.

Cosy Aromas are a small business which has grown quickly, they have a large amount of social media content, but some of this shows that the company is not very organised in it’s production, and having watched some of the videos, they do show how the products are made and shipped very quickly, which is good, except that soy wax melts in particular need to cure or set for at least a week to ensure their maximum potential. See our review for how this affects the strength of the wax melts.

Business Started : 2018

Number of Fragrances : 148

Products Sold : 1 size of candle, 2 sizes of wax melts, room sprays, fragrance oils, bubble bath, body butter, bath bombs, subscription box

Wax Type : Soy

Other Information :

Refund Policy : Yes

Privacy Policy : Yes

Postal Address on the website : Yes