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Stacey Solomon is a fan of Village Wax Melts and they supplied her wedding favours. It’s the only company we tested with a celebrity endorsement (although celebrities probably shop with other companies we have reviewed). Delivery was quick and everything was well packaged and arrived in one piece.

Three of the fragrances we tried :

Red Raspberry : The lush fruity raspberry fragrance that we love. This is a true to life raspberry fragrance that quickly melted and quickly had a good throw. It lasted well and we enjoyed it. We had to use two of the hearts, so that left us one to use another time, so we won’t expect as good a room filler from that one.

Snow Fairy : We are using this as our comparison fragrance now, and everyone seems to have copied the Lush fragrance really well, all of the companies claim they have their own exclusive fragrances, but they must be buying this one from the same place – the only difference is how much they put in to make it last longer.

Egyptian Amber Gel Wax Melt : We tried this one in the Gel Wax melt, and while we don’t get the real point behind the gel melts, it did melt well, although slowly due to the higher melt temperature needed. We did think this would make the fragrance last longer, but it seemed to us that the fragrance evaporated out of the gel quicker than from wax. The musky aroma from this did fill the downstairs of the house, and lasted well in the air after the melt had run out of fragrance.

Comments and other information :

  • Easy to clean your burner especially the Gel Melt
  • 150 fragrances to choose from
  • Prices from £2.99 – but not great value for the smaller hearts
  • Larger wax Melts and Gel Wax Melts plus now a super Gel Wax Melt available.
  • Lovely colours, and match the fragrances
  • All of the fragrances we have tested were strong and true to their description

It is a good product and it arrives quickly, BUT the hearts are tiny, there is a bonus to this as you can just melt one little heart in a small room, but value for money isn’t great on these of you have a large house and melt a lot of wax melts. Lost of companies seem to think people like diddly little melts, like the old Sentsy chips, but it doesn’t work like that when you want a room filler. Also a worry around young children as they look like sweets in their bright colours, and sweet like fragrances.

This is our review conclusion after reading multiple reviews online and our own experiences.

Reviews from Trust Pilot :

We have chosen a few reviews from both the best and worst that represent a number of similar reviews to keep this fair – always check a companies online reviews, on their website and independent sources – do not go just on the ‘big’ numbers of reviews and always look at the negative reviews – this is often the way to find out how a company will treat you when things go wrong, and how you will be treated!

Came in quick time packaged well they…

Came in quick time packaged well they smell lovely will definitely be ordering some more
Thank you

The melts smell gorgeous and last right…

The melts smell gorgeous and last right till the end I will be ordering again so will my daughter’s

Excellent service and a quick dispatch…

Excellent service and a quick dispatch and scents were lovely, will definitely purchase more products in the future