Village Wax MeltsVillage Wax Melts

Village Wax Melts, is a small family business based in Manchester, owned by husband & wife Abi Karl. 

They started making wax melts back in 2017 when they struggled to find any wax melts they were happy with. They found that most lost all their scent after the first burn, meaning it was becoming very expensive to keep their home smelling fragrant!

Both naturally curious and after some research they began making our own wax melts. Following months of trial and error they were happy with the finished product.

Village Wax Melts has gone from strength to strength over the last 4 years. A huge turning point for Village Wax Melts was in 2020 when Stacey Solomon discovered their brand and shared their wax melts with her 4 million instagram followers! 

They employ a team of 7, have fulfilled over 100,000 orders and in 2021 we collected the keys to a 6000sq.ft warehouse.

Business Started : 2017

Number of Fragrances : 156

Products Sold : Wax melts, gel wax melts, bath bombs, accessories, reeds

Wax Type : Soy Wax Melts and Candles, Blended Mineral Oil Gel Melts

Other Information :

Refund Policy : Yes

Privacy Policy : Yes

Postal Address on the website : Yes, business premises